Accuracy Speaks Product and Custom Work Reviews!

Review #1:

"Dear Derrick,

I have attached 5 photos of my AR "British Straight Pull" bolt action rifle. I shoot this XTC in the "Tactical-Any Sight Match Rifle"

category, although, I can convert it to irons easily.

The original rifle was a WOA match rifle in 223 Remington, built on my existing Bushmaster lower, which was then enhanced with an Eliseo stock,

GS-1 GG&G scope rail, Geissele Match Trigger, Mega Arms Upper Receiver, a 26" Green Mountain 1:7 barrel with a Wylde Chamber, but without a gas port (rifle has no gas system), which was built by John Scandale of Keystone Accuracy. Your modified bolt carrier and charging handle round out the rifle. Pretty much a bastard, but it shoots great.

Shooting XTC was great with your "Straight Pull" system, loading and running the rapid strings was simple, no more then a second to eject and load, all the while maintaining a solid head position. The handle is located just above the trigger which facilitates operating the action and getting back on the trigger smoothly during competition. I had no problems with case ejection and completing my rapid strings under the time restrictions of a match.

Tony M. From New York "

Review #2:

".263.’ That was the size of the first group fired through my pre-64 Model 70 that Derrick Martin had rebarreled in .280 Ackley. The next group was .231.’ I was not surprised as every rifle Derrick has ever barreled for me has proven to be a real shooter. My notes reflect the following: my super-lightweight .260 Remington hunting rifle .521’ with Lapua 139 Scenars; my IPSC/3gun AR15 with 69 grain Sierras, 5 shots in .405’; my high-power AR15 with 77 grain Sierras .978’ at 200 (also 5 shots). Accuracy Speaks indeed.

Accuracy Speaks has built me many guns over the years. They have two things in common: they’re accurate and they work. When I started shooting 3 gun in the mid 1990s, the things that I wanted most were an Accuracy Speaks upper and trigger for my AR. When I finally got them, they took to me to victory at the 2001 USPSA 3 Gun Nationals where I was able to best the likes of Michael Voigt, Jerry Miculek and Bruce Piatt to win the Open Rifle potion of the match. I used the same rifle to win some sniper rifle matches as well. When I shot that barrel out, Derrick put another one on. The new barrel shoots just as well!

Derrick was a standard bearer for the AR revolution of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Derrick was one of the pioneers who turned the AR from unpopular mousegun to the dominant competitive rifle platform that it is today in both Service Rifle and the Action shooting sports. Now everybody works on AR15s but you can go to a man who has been there from the beginning. But Accuracy Speaks is not limited to the AR15.

When I started shooting FALs for DSA, where did I take it to make it race ready? Accuracy Speaks, of course. With the Accuracy Speaks installed improved sights, trigger and compensator, my first FAL was able to win the first ever JP Rocky Mountain 3 Gun match in Raton, New Mexico in 2003.

Shotguns? My first practical shotgun was an 1187 that Accuracy Speaks built for me in both Open (red dot sight, ported barrel, speed loader, 10 round magazine) and Limited (ghost ring rear sight, fiber optic front, Ez loader, 8 round magazine) configurations. The best part of that gun was the trigger! I have never felt such a good trigger on any shotgun before or since. I liked that gun so much I had them build me a 20 gauge version on an 1100.

And those hunting rifles? Several Coues bucks regret their creation.

You can’t go wrong taking nearly any firearm to Derrick and Company. May Accuracy continue to Speak!

Kelly Neal

P.S. Derrick, I promise I will shoot some more Leg Matches.

Recent Match Results – Kelly Neal

2006 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun - 2d place Tactical Iron

2006 USPSA Single Stack National Championship - Top 16 (9th)

2006 Mesa Police Games Three Gun Match – 1st place Tactical Scope

2005 USPSA 3 Gun Nationals- Champion Limited Division

2005 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun - 2d place Tactical Division

2005 Az. Dust Devil Classic - Champion Limited Division

2004 International Brotherhood of Police 3 Gun Match - High Overall

2004 Dust Devil Classic - Champion Limited Division

2004 USPSA 3 Gun Nationals - High Master and 2nd Overall Tactical Division

2003 Texas State 3 Gun - Champion Limited Division

2003 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun - Overall Match Winner and 1st Place “He-Man” Division

2002 USPSA 3 Gun - High Master and 2nd Overall Limited Division

2001 USPSA Open Rifle Division - Champion

SOF 3 Gun - Expert "

Review #3:

"Having been a shooter the better part of my life, a full time police officer for the last 18 years, and a competitive shooter for those same 18 plus years, I have come to know and appreciate Derrick Martin and his shop, Accuracy Speaks.  I spent nearly 10 years on my agency’s SWAT team, and 5 of those years as one of our 4 snipers, and have been a firearms instructor at my department for 12 years, I get to see, and shoot, a lot of rounds down range.

 The police agency I work for, as well as in my personal life, have had Accuracy Speaks work on a lot of guns, and all the work has exceeded our expectations. When I need work done on one of my personal working guns, I take it to Accuracy Speaks.

 Accuracy Speaks has the well deserved reputation for building working firearms for whatever your need may be, and you can count on service after the work is done.  If the work you have done does not live up to your expectation, Derrick and his crew, will make it right!

 Steve Horsman

Police Officer "

Review #1:


    I just wanted to thank Accuracy Speaks for customizing my rifle and pistol so I can shoot without an opposable thumb.  My only problem now is when the neighbors start asking me about the sudden and dramatic drop in the number of cats within a thousand meters of the house.  I just remind them about the military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy and change the subject.

    You should bring Miss Cheryl to the house for a little grillin and chillin in the back yard. I’ll be serving the "other" white meat.

Your Favorite Dog, 

Jager Thomas "

Update - Thanks to Andy for his review of the DIYG class - see here: Andy DIYG review