Cheryl A. Martin

  I worked for Applied Protection Concepts, Inc. for 10 years as Staff Instructor under the direction of Owner/President Paul Smith. Responsible for scheduling, prepping, conducting and filing of firearms related classes. Such as Law Enforcement initial weapons certification & re qualification; Dim Light Shooting; Armed Personal Protection for Civilians and provided one on one coaching to identify and correct deficient shooting skills and techniques.

     1989 I attended the N.R.A Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development School on the Quantico, VA Marine Core Base.

     1990 to 1998 I also worked for M.C.S. & R Inc. as the Manager of an Indoor Firing Range. I conducted their Handgun Safety Course as a N.R.A Certified Instructor and gave Group & private Firearms instruction.

     1990 I was certified as a National Rifle Association Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Personal Protection.

     I was a member of BPW (Business & Professional Women’s Organization) in Connecticut for 6 years. I traveled as a guest Lecturer to various public and civic organizations, I lectured on Personal Protection in our everyday life. 

I was President of my daughters' Parent/Teacher Association for 2 years and a coordinator for 8 years. I also belonged to Equine 4H Club with my Daughters for 8 years, traveling the countryside from horse show to horse show.

     In my spare time I took up High Power Rifle Shooting from 1987 to 1998 and was Nationally Ranked as a Master. Awarded High Woman in the Marine Corp Cup Match, Appreciation Cup Match, Army Cup Match and Coast Artillery Rifle Matches in Camp Perry Ohio at the High Power Nationals.   

     I met Derrick Martin at the Camp Perry National Matches. When I shot with him was a Marksman and if you know Derrick you know he doesn’t talk or socialize when he shoots, so the only time he talked to me was at the end of the day when he handed me my score card and said “Marksman, Not for Long”. The funny thing is that Derrick never remembered shooting with me.

     My shooting career ended in 1998 when my back was broken from a horseback riding related incident.

     In 1999 I took a job working for The New York Institute of Legal Research as a personal assistant to the President. My job was to organize his home and office and traveled in and out of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Court Houses doing Research. I must say it was the best job I ever had. My boss taught me so much and I will always be grateful to him.

     1n 2000 I started Volunteering at the High Power Rifle Match Nationals in Camp Perry Ohio as a Range Officer where I met Derrick again. I moved to Arizona in 2002, and soon after both of my daughter's followed me. I am very proud of both of them.  In 2003 Derrick was activated into service and I became Mrs. Martin! Now together we run Accuracy Speaks Parts & Gunsmithing!

     Derrick and I are still involved in shooting and training, we are traveling the world giving Rifle Training Course for Civilians and the Military and we are still building and customizing pistols and rifles through Accuracy Speaks!