Derrick J. Martin

Derrick Martin’s lifelong interest in firearms led him to enlist in the Marine Corps at 1976, where he first entered competitive shooting.  Upon discharge he enrolled in the Trinidad Jr. College gunsmithing program and graduated in 1980.  He spent the next ten years in retail gunsmithing, working for Safari Arms, Smith Enterprises, and retail gun stores in Arizona and Nevada.

      During that time he was an active NRA Highpower rifle competitor with the Arizona National Guard and the All National Guard rifle team.  He became a Distinguished Rifleman in 1987, joined the Palma Twenty in 1988, also becoming a President’s 100 shooter in 1988, an NRA High Master in 1992, and a National Guard Chief’s Fifty Shooter in 1995.  Derrick became a Distinguished Pistol Shot in 1996.

Derrick was a continuous member of the All National Guard rifle team from 1988- 2003, and has been on winning teams at the National Guard Wilson Matches, All Army matches, and Interservice competition at Camp Perry, as well as the Australian and British Skill At Arms Matches.  In 1993 he developed the National Guard’s M16 Service Rifle Program and has been a leading national proponent of the M16 both as a service rifle and NRA match rifle.

        Accuracy Speaks was founded in 1989 and has been a mainstay in the shooting sports, both regionally and nationally, ever since.  In partnership with Derrick’s wife Cheryl, the company has built and modified firearms for national and world champions.