MSG (ret.) John Chubb


As a retired Army MSG, John comes to us highly skilled with knowledge and skills as a professional in the shooting industry. With his long list of accomplishments, he will be someone that you will want to listen to and learn from.

     Even John's wife Terri, who spends her days as a Triage Nurse, comes highly skilled as a High Power Rifle distinguished member of the shooting industry, accomplishing this task in 1 year, and most of us know that this is a hard accomplishment to achieve, doing it in 1 year is dedication, of course growing up in Kentucky on her parents farm as an avid hunter of deer and elk, it’s no wonder she doesn't miss her mark!

     With John’s background and family dedication to the shooting industry, we are pleased that he has decided to come to us and share his passion for such a great sport and keep the knowledge passing around generation after generation. Below, you can see some of the achievements John has grasped, learned, mastered and enjoyed and is now ready to pass them along to the rest of us.

Ø NRA Hi Master Classification

Ø NRA Hi Master Long Range Classification

Ø Presidents Hundred Winner (2x)

Ø NRA Palma Twenty Shooter

Ø Distinguished Rifleman

Ø National Championship Team Shooter

Ø National Championship Long Range Team Member

Ø National Long Range Team Record Holder

Ø Inter-service Long Range Champion

Ø Tennessee State Long Range Champion