Accuracy Speaks Custom Firearm Builds

Caspian Hi-Cap with Shuemann Hybrid Comp Barrel- 38 Super

Springfield P-9 Compensated Pistol- 9x21

Colt MK IV Series 70 Compensated Pistol- 38 Super

Colt MK IV Series 70 Shortened Slide Compensated Pistol- 38 Super

Springfield Armory Single Lugged Integral Scope Mount M1A Receiver

Springfield Armory Double Lugged Integral Scope Mount M1A in Thumbhole Stock- 308WIN

Integral Compensator on S&W 686 Revolver- 357 MAG

Smith Enterprise Double Lugged Integral Scope Mount M-14 Rifle- 308 WIN

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Custom Heavy Barrel with Integral Compensator- 38 SPL

Colt Commander with 5" Compensated Barrel- 45 ACP

Eagle Arms Ar-15 Competition Rifle-6x45 Cal

IMBEL FN-FAL IPSC Heavy Metal Gun- 308 WIN

Remington 1100 IPSC 3-Gun Shotgun- 12 Ga

Sako L-461 Custom Hunting Rifle- 223 REM

Springfield M1903 Griffin & Howe Style Hunting Rifle- 30/06

Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall Schuetzen Rifle- 32/40 Cal

Mexican Mauser M1910 Mannlicher Stock Hunting Rifle- 308 WIN

BSA Monarch Hunter Silhouette Rifle- 30/06

Husqvarna Left Hand Model 3000 Palma Rifle- 308 WIN

Springfield Armory M1A in Thumbhole Stock- 243 WIN

Smith Enterprise Double Lugged NRA Service Rifle M-14- 308 WIN

Colt AR-15A2 NRA Service Rifle- 223 REM

Remington 700 Left Hand with Interchangeable Barrels and Bolts- 6.5/06 & 7mm REM MAG

Krag Model 1898 Custom Hunting Rifle with Octagon Barrel- 30/40 Cal

Colt AR-15 NRA Match Rifle- 6mm BR

Colt AR-15 NRA Match Rifle- 6mm BR

Colt AR-15 NRA Match Rifle- 6mm BR

AR-15 Machine Rest Fixture built for Nammo-Talley Custom Ammunition

Caspian Hi-Cap Carry Gun 45ACP

M-1 Garand Tanker with Scout Scope and Jakenator Muzzle Brake

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