Gun Rentals

Gun Rental:

Currently, we are only renting shotguns for the sporting clays\trap ranges here at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club. 

To rent one of our shotguns we require a valid driver’s license, or state ID, and a credit\debit card. Also, ammo must be purchased from us for our shotguns.

Current Rental Rates:

12 Gauge Autos:

  • Remington 11/87 S/N PC453343 $25.00/day
  • Parker Hale M-900 S/N J-20778 $25.00/day
  • Remington LEFT HAND Model 1100 S/N M186194V $25.00/day
  • Remington Model 1100 S/N L141906M $25.00/day

12 Gauge Pump:

  • Benelli Nova S/N Z232484 $25.00/day

12 Gauge Over/Unders:

  • Lanber Hunter S/N 13-03-00960-98-12-70 $25.00/day
  • KOFS EM02 S/N 00860 $25.00/day
  • KOFS EM02 S/N 01423 $25.00/day
  • KOFS EM02 S/N 01422 $25.00/day

20 Gauge Auto:

  • TriStar NKC-MO S/N E5A14780 $25.00/day

20 Gauge Over/Under:

  • KOFS EM02 S/N 11080024 (Ported & Limbsaver Pad) $35.00/day